Veronika Alex


Veronika is a senior at the University of Rochester studying Economics, Computer Science, and Media Studies. Outside of the classroom you can find her doing anything outdoors (when the Rochester weather doesn't prohibit it), playing the bari sax or piano, and training for her next half-marathon. Her interest in computer science stemmed from her first internship after her freshman year and she plans on pursuing a career in business and technology after obtaining her MBA.

Josh Bronstein


Josh is currently a senior at the University of Rochester pursuing a BA in Political Science and Legal Studies. Following his undergraduate studies, Josh will seek further education in order to attain his Juris Doctorate. Outside of his studies, Josh enjoys hiking, skiing, the occasional spy novel, and of course good music.

Nathan Buckley

Nate graduated high school in 2008 and therefore is old. He enjoys dodgeball and kickball and officiating most any sport. He has an interest in both CS and Linguistics.

Tait Madsen


Tait Madsen began his undergraduate studies at the Eastman School of Music as a classical bass trombonist in 2011. During that time, his fascination with Computer Science outgrew his passion for music and in early 2013 began taking a full course load at the University of Rochester with the intention of switching his major, which became effective in the fall of 2013. Tait now eagerly pursues his coursework, while setting aside time for reading, projects of his own, and a little music.

Cynthia Ryan


Cynthia Ryan has been typing at the keyboard generating exciting applications and firmware for others to enjoy for about 30 years. Her crowning achievement to date is the successful parenting of her daughter Jessica. She enjoys hiking and reading science fiction/fantasy. She has a love of animals and is currently the proud caretaker of 9 cats and a dog.

Our Professor: Ehsan Hoque

Our Advisor: Andrew Abumoussa