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About This Project

The challenge of learning new vowel sounds in the context of vocal music has long been addressed by careful listening and mimicking sound. We propose to open another option, visual learning. Vowel shapes is a computer application written in Python that currently runs on Windows computers and intended future use for Macintosh computers as well. The application is intended for (but not limited to) students and teachers of vocal music. Furthermore, Vowel Shapes will utilize the computer's microphone or one that is externally linked. Using input from the microphone while the user vocalizes, the application will create a real-time visual representation of the vowel being produced. This representation will be a graph, oval, or triangle as the user prefers. The real power of this application comes in its ability to save previously produced vowels, so the user may listen to and view them as the he or she attempts to replicate. This enables teachers and the community to set exacting benchmarks for students to achieve and master.